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Heartstart Somerset County was founded by Lawrence Rayment in 2007 following a chance encounter with the late Stuart Reeves who was then the Resuscitation Manager at Musgrove Park Hospital. Stuart readily agreed to be the scheme's first Medical Director. His colleague Craig Hold, a Resuscitation Officer, kindly agreed to be the first Instructor Training Supervisor. Our Instructors now teach Emergency Life Support (ELS) skills in a course entirely free to members of the public under the auspices of the BHF Heartstart UK scheme.


Pictured above are Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service firefighters who have now been trained at Musgrove Park Hospital by Resuscitation Officer Craig Hold.

DSFRS Heartstart Instructors teach practical emergency skills that can save lives. These include performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), dealing with choking, serious bleeding, heart attack and keeping someone alive until professional help arrives.

The most important factor determining survival after a cardiac arrest is the time from collapse of the casualty to defibrillation. Performing early CPR buys time and more than doubles the chances of survival.

Would you know what to do in a life-threatening emergency ?

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